Due to the ever-changing logistics situatoin in a post-COVID-19 world, the below information is provided for reference as given to us by the shipping compaines. We are unable to control the speed of shipping once an item is shipped from our warehouse. During this period we recommend shipping by FedEx, UPS or DHL as their logistics networks are less susceptible to distribution.

Shipping Method

Shipping Cost (after tax)

ETA (Estimated Time for Arrival)

EMS / XDB for small accessories


20-40 days

EMS / XDB for wheelsets

 $50 or Free Shipping*

20-40 days

Fedex / DHL / UPS


7-14 days

Note: The exact shipping amount will be displayed in the checkout process. 
 XDB is only an option for EU member states. For other countries EMS will be used as the free shipping option. From 2021, XDB will not be an option for the UK due to the UK leaving the European Union.
Note: FedEx. DHL and UPS have some delays in certain countries these days due to COVID-19. Please contact us as we will advise on the latest situation.

*Free shipping on orders over $900.