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Infamous for his YouTube grillings but respected for his aerodynamics knowledge; Hambini put the 50mm HYPER wheels through his wind tunnel testing and they came out with flying colors. The wheels are as efficient through the air as much deeper aerodyanmic wheelsets from rival wheel brands.

Engineer, YouTuber and all-round good guy Peak Torque also took a very in-depth look at our wheels. This time focusing on the 50mm disc brake version, PT looked in detail at our hubs but also did some experiments about the lateral stiffness of the wheels. Again, the results were excellent. The HYPER wheels had higher levels of lateral stiffness than a heavier wheel with much more spokes than the HYPER wheels.

Former pro-skater turned cat-1 racer Charles Ouimet has been riding a set of HYPERs for half a year now. He shared his thoughts on the wheels over on his new YouTube channel.

The HYPER wheels are not only light, but according to Hambini’s testing, very aerodynamically efficient. Here you can see the weight and aero performance of the HYPER wheels and other wheels tested by Hambini. They outperformed all other 50mm and less rims, and were even on par with many deeper-profile rims. When combined with the light weight of the HYPERs, they’re a formidable weapon.

Peak Torque’s test results showing the lateral stiffness of the wheels tested. Note: The actual stiffness values may vary as his test rig had a bit of play in it, but the same rig was used for all wheels tested.