They’re back

We’re pleased to announce we have HYPER Disc and Rim back in stock. We’ve also been listening to your feedback over the past 4 months and have made some tweaks.

Most of your feedback has been great. You’re loving these wheels and we’ve seen them taking strava KOMs and looking forward to seeing them racing when the world gets back to normal.

We’ve also listened to your suggestions and made a few tweaks:

    • The decals. Our old decals were stuck on just before we shipped out the wheels. They were alright, but if the light caught them at just the wrong angle, they’d reflect the light and look a bit…off. Our new decals are now applied before the wheel’s clearcoat. They’re more durable this way, and don’t suffer from the same reflection problem. This makes them a bit more subtle and just better looking overall.

  • Water drainage holes. In our initial testing (and even now) we’ve never had water get stuck inside the rim, even after riding in typhoon rains. However, a few people mentioned they’d get water in there and it was taking a while for it to evaporate out, so we added two tiny drain holes to speed up the process. They don’t negatively affect the wheel in any measurable way, so we added them to stop water getting stuck.
  • Upgraded our axles. In rare cases (3% or so according to our data) our previous disc brake axles would have an issue where the interface between the axle and bearing was less than ideal leading to some play in the wheel when mounted on the bike. We’ve improved the tolerance that our axles are produced to by 100% and have put an extra QC step on all our axles. We’re commited to providing excellent customer service, and have resolved those 3% of people having issues.
  • Change of branding. The ‘Winspace HYPER’ wheels have dropped their ‘Winspace’ branding. We’re launching our new wheel brand “LÚN” and HYPER will be the flagship of the brand. We still love Winspace, but we’re separating the frames and wheel brands so each can focus on their core products.

So, none of these are ground-breaking changes, just small tweaks made in accordance to your feedback that all add up to another step towards perfection. We want you to know we’re listening to you guys (and girls) and while we think the HYPER wheels are amazing, we know there’s no such thing as a perfect product, but we’re trying to get as close as we can.

As for the future we’re gonna keep listening to your feedback and keep making improvements wherever we can. We’re still working on our 65mm version trying to get them a bit lighter but they’re probably still a few months away from being finished.

Head on over to the store and get the HYPERs before they sell out again!