• HYPER 38mm Rim Brake Wheelset
  • HYPER 65mm disc Brake Wheelset
  • HYPER 65mm Rim Brake Wheelset
  • HYPER 50mm Rim Brake Wheelset
  • Lún Road 30mm Rim Brake Wheelset
  • Lún Road 45mm Rim Brake Wheelset
  • Lún Road 60mm Rim Brake Wheelset
  • Lún Road 30mm Disc Brake Wheelset
I have been riding my SLC2.0 for 1 year now and I love it! It's super light (the whole bike is now 6.5kg) and it climbs a lot better than I do! The whole bike feels super stiff when you're out of the saddle, but still feels comfortable to ride for hours and hours. I recently took mine on a trip to the alps and it felt right at home. Ten out of ten, totally recommended!
LUN Customer
What I enjoy most about my SLC is its versatility. Of course it is super light and nimble up climbs when the power goes down, but I’ve also taken this machine on long bike tours on gravel roads through Eastern Europe and it’s been a beast. Comfortable enough for long days in the saddle, I think it’s an all round gem of a bike from Winspace. Kudos. 
LUN Customer
After years of road and MTB riding I decided to give cyclo-cross a go. I couldn't have picked a better companion for it than my Winspace CX850. So far in my first season I've had six top 10 finishes on the muddy parks and fields of Yorkshire with strong competition and over 90 riders in each race. The CX850 is light and agile but stable and confidence inspiring, robust and well built with excellent clearance to stop the sticky mud from bringing you to a halt. Paired with a decent set of tubeless rims and grippy tyres it's taken me to results I didn't think would be possible. Things are starting to get serious, which means I'm eyeing up a second bike, time to visit the Winspace website!

杰森·布鲁克斯(Jason Brooks)
LUN Customer